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Oct 24, 2019

While his fellow Spitfires found a way to get them through the portal to Truhulu point, Rhys Maddy came up with an idea to have a not-so-sick day out on the town with some old friends. After collecting his friend Carmine and old flame Sharon, they go on a fun mission to try out Gorgon Ramsey's stickless meat restaurant. However pursuing their every action is Roody, a captain of the guard with an ax to grind with Rhys Maddy. Will they accomplish their goals and have a fun day or will the long arm of the law chase them down? Starring Mike Robertson(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Ross Harris(Captain Roody), Heather Marie Boling(Carmine), Nathan Davenport(Rhys Maddy) and Marshall Mills(Sharon). | | @dungeoneerspod