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Jun 30, 2017

We continue in Balladeer as the split party gets drunk and tries local delicacies before getting back together to scrounge the brain trust of the Alley Polecats for information on their targets. Or perhaps they'll just continue to mess with the locals...Starring Mike(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Jeffrey(Luddy),...

Jun 24, 2017

Stink-eye and the party return to his home Balladeer and are reunited with friends and family. Meanwhile Luddy and Kadrian gather information on the Alley Polecats and Crimson Crocs with a fair share of snark. Starring Mike (Big Boss Dungeoneer), Jeffrey (Luddy), Verge (Kadrian), Brandt (Stink-eye), Craig (Tomas)...

Jun 16, 2017

The party picks up from the desert and gets some unlikely assistance traveling up to southern road to Balladeer. Will their powerful ally make it easy going or leave them hanging? Starring Mike(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Jeffrey(Luddy), Verge(Kadrian), Brandt(Stink-eye), Craig(Tomas) and returning special guest Aiden(Flarry...

Jun 10, 2017

Feely, Wretch, Steve and Margaret continue their quest out into the swamp but as usual end up over their heads with Urlick the Toothless and the Twig of Bygone Days. Starring Brandtl(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Mike(Margeret), Jeffrey(Steve), Verge(Feely), and Craig(Wretch). |

Jun 3, 2017

As the group approaches Balladeer, we check in on the Alley Polecats as they get a new job and show Stink-eye's replacement how things are done. Starring Brandt(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Mike(as Margaret), Jeffrey(as Steven), Verge(as Feely) and Craig(as Wretch). | |