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Nov 28, 2017

We celebrate our 100th episode with a fun Drunkeneers Funnel World adventure!!! We join a group of townspeople who venture off after people that have been taken by orcs. As usual some are more successful than others in staying alive. Starring Verge(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Mike, Brandt, Craig and various...

Nov 17, 2017

The party forges on through the mountains toward Willoughby, but the lich's minions might not be so eager to let them go. Starring Mike(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Jeffrey(Luddy), Verge(Kadrian), Brandt(Stink-eye) and Craig(Tomas) | |

Nov 10, 2017

The party continues their trip through the mountains, plagued by all types of nasty undead beasties. Will they have what it takes to overcome all the unwanted attention? Starring Mike(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Jeffrey(Luddy Von Sampsonite), Verge(Kadrian), Brandt(Stink-eye) and Craig(Tomas). |

Nov 3, 2017

The party, having made off with the sarcophagus and a wagon of loot, entered the mountains where the Lich war is raging. They find that perhaps the most obvious route is perhaps not the easiest as they do their best to ignore the hardships of the dwarves. Starring Mike(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Jeffrey(Luddy),...