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Aug 31, 2018

The party, joined by Dragonbait and Artus, march on toward Omu to recover Alon and perhaps find the Soulmonger. However they are put to the test by an ambush of epic proportions. Starring Ronnie "Verge" Whitmire(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Mike Robertson(Callum), Jeffrey Nye(Alon), Brandt Wetzel(Sigil), Robert Goen(Pocket)...

Aug 25, 2018

Mike and Verge sit down and recap the first part of season 4 and talk about Dungeons & Dragons 5e vs Dungeon World and the mysteries of Chult. A fun little conversation to get everyone ready for what lies ahead. Starring Ronnie "Verge" Whitmire and Mike Robertson. |

Aug 18, 2018

The party with their new allies head after Alon and get to know the unlikely pair. In the jungles of Chult they need all the help they can get. Starring Ronnie "Verge" Whitmire(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Mike Robertson(Callum), Brandt Wetzel(Sigil) and Robert Goen(Pocket). |

Aug 12, 2018

After a foolhardy trip to back down the ziggurat to get supplies, the party finds themselves shorthanded while talking to a very important advisor. Luckily they are able to meet some new friends to continue the quest to find the Soul Monger. Starring Ronnie "Verge" Whitmire(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Mike Robertson(Callum),...

Aug 4, 2018

Having vanquished the witch Nanny Pupu, the party continues on to try to get their expedition on track at the ziggaraut in Orlunga. As most things in the jungle, scaling the pyramid proves to be more than just a strenuous cardio activity as they look for direction from an unlikely source. Starring Ronnie...